Lectures and Seminars

[BK21+/미시세미나] 정세은 교수 (인하대학교) (6/14)   2018-06-12

- 발표자: 정세은 교수 (인하대학교)
- 제목: "Gender Wage Gaps and Risk and Competition preferences"
- 날짜 및 시간: 6월 14일 (목) 17:00~18:15
- 장소: 우당교양관 203호
- Speaker: Prof. SeEun Jung (Inha University)
- Title: "Gender Wage Gaps and Risk and Competition preferences"http://econ.korea.ac.kr/econ/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/RAGenderRevCC11.pdf">RAGenderRevCC11
- Time: 5:00~6:15 PM, Thu, June 14, 2018
- Venue: Woodang Hall #203

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