Notice for postgraduate students

[BK21+/미시세미나] 명선하 교수, SMU (10/10)   2019-09-30

다음과 같이 미시세미나를 안내해 드립니다.

- 발표자: 명선하 교수, SMU(Singapore Management University)

- 제목: Social Norms and Fertility

- 날짜/시간: 10월 10일 (목) 오후 5:00 - 오후 6:30

- 장소: 정경관 205호

발표자료 첨부하였습니다.

I would like to inform you about microeconomics seminar as follows:

- Speaker: Prof. Sun-ha Myong, Singapore Management University

- Title: Social Norms and Fertility

- Date/Time: Oct 10 (Tue), 5:00PM - 6:30PM

- Venue: Political Science and Economics Building #205

Please find the attached paper and hand out.


첨부파일(Attachment file) : social_norms_and_fertility

Attachments: social_norms_and_fertility.pdf