The Fudan two-week summer program 2019 Fudan Summer Camp on Chinese Economy and Society”


This year, we will continue to give the leading-edge topics in China’s business, social, economic and political landscape, etc. The program is hosted by School of Economics, Fudan University and will be held in July from 15th to 26th. It consists of twenty-five 90-minutes topic sessions, three company visits, two field trips and plenty of culture experiences. All the sessions are conducted in English.


Now it’s approaching the application deadline (31th, May) . We appreciate if you could help to remind your students and please feel free to contact us should there be any questions. Thanks!


For more information, please refer to:

Ÿ   Program Introduction (attached)

Ÿ   Latest Course Syllabus (attached)

Ÿ   Program Website


Attached file :  Syllabus of 2019 Fudan Summer Camp

Program Introduction of 2019 Fudan Summer Camp