The World Bank’s Development Impact Evaluation (DIME) department is now receiving applications for summer internships. We appreciate it if you can share the opportunity with your students. More information on hosting projects and applications can be found at The deadline for applications is Monday, 7th March 2022 at 11:59 AM Eastern Time.

Our summer internship program runs from June to September. Please note that given the current restrictions due to the pandemic, this year’s cohort will most likely complete the entire internship remotely. The internship program at DIME combines project-specific experience with training opportunities on survey and data-related topics. DIME’s diverse portfolio offers interns the opportunity to contribute to projects across all development sectors, including agriculture, public sector governance, climate change (energy, environment, and water), financial & private sector, human development, entertainment education, transport, trade, gender, fragility, conflict and violence.

In case of any further queries, please write to us at

Best wishes,

Nupur Savani on behalf of DIME Analytics