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Hosted by Asia Innovation and Entrepreneurship Association (AIEA)

9 a.m. (Beijing, Singapore Time), 10 a.m. (Seoul, Tokyo Time) February 19, 2022

8 p.m. (US EST), 5 p.m. (US PST) February 18, 2022

1 a.m. (London Time) February 19, 2022


“The Market Impacts of Patent Regime Shifts: A Natural Experiment from the Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry 2005-2014”

Yi Qian (UBC Sauder)



Lihong Yang (Nanjing Audit University) and Shixun Wang (Fuzhou University)


To what extent does intellectual property policy affect market structure and industrial innovation? We take the recent Amendment of China’s patent law as a natural policy experiment to explore the impact of the patent policy regime shock on the pharmaceutical industry’s market structure. The empirical results using the regression discontinuity design (RDD), supplemented with Difference-in-difference (DID) panel models and the Propensity Score Method (PSM), document the heterogeneous market effects of patent policy regime shocks on the pharmaceutical industry’s market structure. We find that the patent policy amendment negatively affected all types of lipid-lowering drugs, including the declines in sales revenue and sales volume. The impact on newly listed innovative drugs is more pronounced and lasts for an extended period, accompanied by a declining market concentration.



Minyuan Zhao (Washington U. in St. Louis)



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AIEA Seminar Series

The AIEA Seminar Series is a monthly seminar operated by AIEA to share rigorous, current research by AIEA researchers and other leading international researchers and to strengthen knowledge creation and dissemination regarding innovation and entrepreneurship issues in the regions. Each seminar lasts for an hour with 35 min presentation, 10 min discussion by an invited discussant, 15 min Q&A by participants. (Video will be recorded and posted on AIEA website for academic purposes unless requested not to)

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Chair, Po-Hsuan Hsu (National Tsing Hua Univ. (NTHU))

Jeff Furman (Boston Univ.), David Hsu (Wharton UPenn), Hong Luo (Harvard Business School), Wonjoon Kim (KAIST), Yanbo Wang (HKU)

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