KAEA Job Market Conference

Joint with KEA


Job market candidates need practice to present their works. To help their preparation, KAEA is organizing a job market conference on November 3, 2022. Those who will be in 2022-2023 job market can participate in the conference. Three broadly defined sessions will be organized: Micro, Macro and Econometrics. Each session consists of several parallel sub-sessions depending on the number of participants. We will select four best presenters among new Ph.D. candidates in 2023, one from each of the three sessions, and one among Ph.D. candidates who will graduate from universities in Korea. Here is detailed information.

  • Registration deadline: Oct 9, 2022
  • Registration Fee: $25. Once you register, KAEA will offer one-year KAEA membership (2022-2023).
  • How to register: Send your registration form to Professor J.B. Kim (jb.kim@okstate.edu) and cc (carbon copy) Professor Yoonseok Lee (ylee.kaea@gmail.com) on the email.
  • Duration of each presentation: each presentation lasts 20 mins. Please prepare a 15-mins presentation. Allow 5 mins for questions and discussions.
  • Time: 7 pm to 10 pm (Central Time in US, 9 am to 12 noon in Korea)
  • Award Ceremony: We will send an announcement only to award winners via email and post the result on KAEA website. Winners will receive $500.
  • A conference Program will be ready by Oct 25. Visitkaea.org for the program and zoom links..

2022 KAEA Job Market Conference_Registration_2022