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The Korea University Department of Economics (KU Economics) was established in 1905 with the intention of promoting modern economic and financial education in Korea.

As one of the oldest departments at Korea University, KU Economics is dedicated to the progress of economics as a science through research, teaching, and study. The department has nurtured leaders of Korean society who were the backbone of the rapid industrialization and economic development of Korea.

Numerous nationwide rankings and evaluations show that KU Economics has been a leading institution in the fields of economics education and research in Korea throughout its existence. Moreover, the department started very early to position itself internationally: with eminent faculty members, outstanding students, and an internationally recognized research program, KU Economics now successfully competes with other world class universities.

KU Economics welcomes students and scholars with Korean and international backgrounds. It offers a stimulating and inspiring atmosphere with excellent study and research facilities.




Professor Jinill Kim (Email: jinillkim@korea.ac.kr, Ph: 02-3290-2228)

Chairperson of Graduate School

Professor Sam-Ho Lee (Email: samho@korea.ac.kr, Ph: 02-3290-2206)

Department office

TEL: +82 2 3290-2200, E-mail: econ@korea.ac.kr

Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 15:30~17:30 (Wed 13:00~15:00)