Ph.D., Humboldt University of Berlin (2005)

Fields: Macroeconomics
Ph: +82 2 3290-5134, Office: 426 PSE
Email: dirk@korea.ac.kr

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Cho, Heepyung

Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (2020)

Fields: Applied Microeconomics, Labor Economics, Urban Economics
Ph: +82 2 3290-2215, Office: 328 PSE
Email: heepyungcho@korea.ac.kr

Ph.D., University of Rochester (2013)

Fields: Mechanism Design, Game Theory
Ph: +82 2-3290-2208, Office: 601 PSE
Email: chowonki@korea.ac.kr

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Eo, Yunjong

Ph.D., Washington University in St. Louis (2009)

Fields : Macro/Monetary Economics, Applied Time Series
Ph: 02-3290-2212, Office : 514 Woodang Hall
Email: yunjongeo@korea.ac.kr

Ph.D., Michigan State University (2001)

Fields: Econometrics
Ph: +82 2-3290-2205, Office: 428 PSE
Email: chirokhan@korea.ac.kr

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Kang, Kyuho

Ph.D., Washington University in St. Louis (2010)

Fields: Macro-Finance, International Finance, Bayesian Econometrics
Ph: +82 2-3290-5132, Office: 509A PSE
Email: kyuho@korea.ac.kr

Kang, Minwook

Ph.D., Cornell University (2013)

Fields : Macro-Finance, Public Finance, Economic theory
Ph: +82 2-3290-2214, Office: 318 PSE
Email: kangmw@korea.ac.kr

Ph.D., Stanford University (1999)

Fields: Economic Growth and Development
Ph: +82 2-3290-2225, Office: 406 PSE
Email: sjkang@korea.ac.kr

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Kim, Beomsoo

Ph.D., University of Maryland (2006)

Fields: Applied Microeconomics, Empirical Microeconomics, Health Economics
Ph: +82 2-3290-2204, Office: 404 MK Cultural Hall
Email: kimecon@korea.ac.kr

Ph.D., UC San Diego (2000)

Fields: Monetary and Financial Economics, Financial Econometrics
Ph: +82 2-3290-2226, Office: 421 PSE
Email: dongkim@korea.ac.kr

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Kim, Dukpa

Ph.D., Boston University (2007)

Fields: Econometrics, Time Series Econometrics
Ph: +82 2-3290-5131, Office: 433 PSE
Email: dukpakim@korea.ac.kr

Ph.D., Yale University (1996)

Fields: Macroeconomics, Monetary and Financial Economics
Ph: +82 2-3290-2228, Office: 429 PSE
Email: jinillkim@korea.ac.kr

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Ph.D., University of Chicago (1994)

Fields: Applied Microeconomics, Labor Economics
Ph: +82 2-3290-2202, Office: 323 PSE
Email: jinykim@korea.ac.kr

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Kim, Seik

Ph.D., Yale University (2008)

Fields: Applied Microeconomics, Labor Economics
Ph: +82 2-3290-5135, Office: 329 PSE
Email: seikkim@korea.ac.kr

Koh, Kanghyock

Ph.D., Brown University (2016)

Fields: Applied Microeconomics, Labor Economics, Health Economics
Ph: +82 2-3290-2210, Office: 614A PSE
Email: kkoh@korea.ac.kr

Koh, Youngwoo

Ph.D., Columbia University (2013)

Fields: Microeconomic Theory, Market Design, Institutional Design
Ph: +82 2-3290-2213, Office: 521 Woodang Hall
Email: ywkoh@korea.ac.kr

Kwak, Seungjun

Ph.D., Vanderbilt University (1992)

Fields: Environmental Economics, Regional Urban Economics
Ph: +82 2-3290-2217, Office: 405 PSE
Email: sjkwak@korea.ac.kr

Lee, Hongshik

Ph.D., University of Texas-Austin (2006)

Fields: International Trade, Foreign Direct Investment
Ph: +82 2-3290-2224, Office: 322 PSE
Email: honglee@korea.ac.kr

Lee, Jinhyuk

Ph.D., UCLA (2011)

Fields: Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconomics
Ph: +82 2-3290-5136, Office: 611 PSE
Email: jinhyuklee@korea.ac.kr

Lee, Jong-Wha

Ph.D., Harvard University (1992)

Fields: Macroeconomics, Monetary, Economic Development
Ph: +82 2-3290-2216, Office: 419 PSE
Email: jongwha@korea.ac.kr

Lee, Myoung-jae

Ph.D., University of Wisconsin (1989)

Fields: Econometrics
Ph: +82 2-3290-2229, Office: 418 PSE
Email: myoungjae@korea.ac.kr

Lee, Sam-Ho

Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania (2004)

Fields: Applied Microeconomics, Public Economics, Contract Theory
Ph: +82 2-3290-2206, Office: 509B PSE
Email: samho@korea.ac.kr

Lee, Woojin

Ph.D., UC Davis (1997)

Fields: Political Economy, Public Economics, Growth and Development, Microeconomic Theory
Ph: +82 2-3290-2207, Office: 306 PSE
Email: woojinlee@korea.ac.kr

Ph.D., Harvard University (2000)

Fields: Industrial Organization
Ph: +82 2-3290-2221, Office: 325 PSE
Email: shnahm@korea.ac.kr

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Ph.D., University of Michigan (2001)

Fields: Finance, Macroeconomics
Ph: +82 2-3290-2203, Office: 425 PSE
Email: cbpark_kjs@korea.ac.kr

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Ph.D., Vanderbilt University (2008)

Fields: Econometrics
Ph: +82 2-3290-2227, Office: 402 MK Cultural Hall
Email: starpac@korea.ac.kr

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Shin, Kwanho

Ph.D., UCLA (1994)

Fields: Macroeconomics, Monetary and Financial Economics
Ph: +82 2-3290-2220, Office: 404 PSE
Email: khshin@korea.ac.kr

Yoo, Seung Han

Ph.D., Cornell University (2008)

Fields: Microeconomic Theory
Ph: +82 2-3290-2209, Office: 315 PSE
Email: shyoo@korea.ac.kr

Ph.D., University of Minnesota (1997)

Fields: Microeconomic Theory, Industrial Organization
Ph: +82 2-3290-2222, Office: 407 PSE
Email: kiho@korea.ac.kr

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