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Address and Contact information

Woojin Lee

Department of Economics
Korea University
Anam-Dong, Seongbuk-Gu
Seoul 136-701, Korea

Fax : 82-2-928-4948


September 1992-- December 1997, Ph.D., University of California at Davis, USA

March 1987--February 1989, MA, Seoul National University, Korea

March 1983--February 1987, BA, Seoul National University, Korea

March 1979--February 1982, Kyung-Gi High School, Seoul, Korea


March 2009 - present, Professor, Department of Economics, Korea University, Korea

September 2004 - May 2009, Associate Professor, Department of Economics, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, USA

January 2001 - May 2004: Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Northern Illinois University, USA

August 1998 - December 2000: Lecturer in Economic Theory, School of Economic Studies, University of Manchester, U.K.

Visiting Positions

September 2003-May 2004: Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Yale University, USA

Research Fields

Political Economy (voting models, redistributive politics)

Public Economics (income distribution, poverty, taxation, and education)

Growth and Development

Microeconomic Theory (game theory, distributive justice)


Selected Publications

Books in English


Book Chapter Articles

  • “Moral values and distributive politics in the US,” 2008, Ian Shapiro, Peter Swenson, and Daniela Donno eds., Divide and Deal: The Politics of Distribution in Democracies , New York, NY: New York University Press (with John Roemer)
  • 「기회의 평등」, 김세원 외 지음, 2011, 『페어 소사이어티』, 한국경제신문사
  • 「6.2 지방선거에서 유권자들은 얼마나 이념에 충실하게 투표하였나?」, 이내영.임성학 공편, 2011, 『변화하는 한국 유권자 4』, 동아시아 연구원


Journal Articles

  • "Inequality and Redistribution: Political Parties May Matter," 2014, Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, 170(3), 482-495.

  • "Evolutionary stability in games with continuous strategy space," 2012, Journal of Economic Theory and Econometrics 23 (1), 63-78
  • "Bandwagon, underdog, and political competition: The uni-dimensional case," 2011, Social Choice and Welfare 36, 423-449
  • “Political competition and democratic distributive politics,” 2007, Review of Social & Economic Studies 29 (2), 309-343
  • “Racism, xenophobia, and redistribution , ” 2006, Journal of the European Economic Association 4 (2-3), 446-454 (with John Roemer and Karine van der Straeten)
  • “Racism and redistribution in the United States: A solution to the problem of American Exceptionalism,” 2006 , Journal of Public Economics 90 (6-7), 1027-1052 (with John Roemer)
  • “The rise and fall of unionized labor markets: A political economy approach,” 2005, Economic Journal 115 (1), 28-67 (with John Roemer)
  • “Mobility and tax competition when wages are endogenously determined,” 2004, Economics Letters 83(3), 347-353
  • “Is democracy more expropriative than dictatorship? Tocquevillian wisdom revisited,” 2003, Journal of Development Economics 71 (1), 155-198
  • “Inequality and redistribution revisited,” 1999, Economics Letters 65 (3), 339-346 (with John Roemer)
  • "Income distribution, redistributive politics and economic growth,” 1998, Journal of Economic Growth 3 (3), 217-240 (with John Roemer)
  • 「2008년과 2012년 국회의원선거에 나타난 유권자들의 이념과 투표」, 2013년 (6월), 『경제논집』 52권 2호, 51-72 (김태은과 공저)

  • 「경제민주화와 기회의 평등」, 2012년 (가을), 『한국경제포럼』 5(3), 5-25

  • 「한국역대선거에 있어서의 이념과 투표: 2006-2010」, 2012년 (8월),『 한국경제의 분석』, 97-124 (이원석과 공저)

  • 「아버지의 학력과 아들의 성취 」, 2011 (5월 ), 『재정학연구』 (고제이와 공저 )

  • 「Roemer의 기회평등개념과 한국의 소득세 정책」, 2009, 『경제분석』 15권 3호, 129-168 (김우철과 공저)


Conference presentation

  • International Meeting of Association for Public Economic Theory, Seoul, Korea, 2008
  • Conference on Political Economy of Bargaining, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada (Organizers: Maria Gallego, Norman Schofield, and Philip DeDonder), 2008
  • Summer Meeting of the Korean Econometric Society, Seoul, Korea, 2008
  • Conference on Political Philosophy, Korea University, Seoul, Korea (Organizer: Biunghi Ju), 2007
  • Conference on Wealth and Power in the Post-Industrial Age, Yale University, USA (Organizers: Edward Leamer, Miriam Golden, Michael Wallerstein), 2006
  • Conference on Distributive Politics, Yale University, USA (Organizers: Ian Shapiro, Peter Swenson), 2005
  • Conference on Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy, University of Massachusetts at Amherst (Organizer: Woojin Lee), 2005
  • Conference on Theory and Practice of Equality, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, USA (Organizers: Mathias Risse and Jonathan Wolff), 2004
  • The sixth International Meeting of the Society for Social Choice and Welfare, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA, USA, 2003
  • North American Summer Meeting of the Econometric Society, University of Maryland, Washington, D.C., USA, 2001
  • European Meeting of the Econometric Society, Santiago de Compostella, Spain, 1999
  • Congress of the European Economic Association, Santiago de Compostella, Spain, 1999