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Sites Useful for Research

WWW Resources

    Bill Goffe's Resources for Economists on the Internet
    WebEc: World Wide Web Resources in Economics
    SOSIG: Social Science Information Gateway
    AMOS or FACSNET: Glossary of economic terms

Schools, Universities, and Associations

    Department of Economics in Korea University [KU Library]
    School of Economics in Seoul National University
    Department of Economics in University of Massachussetts at Amherst
    Department of Economics in University of California at Davis
    School of Economic Studies in University of Manchester
    Department of Economics in Northern Illinois University
    Department of Economics and Department of Political Science in Yale University
    Department of Economics and Department of Politics in New York University
    Department of Economics and Department of Politics in Columbia University
    Other Economics Departments in: [USA] [UK] [Korea] [Worldwide]
    Economics Associations: [AEA] [RES] [KEA] [KAEA] [Econometric Society]
    Other Social Science Associations: [APSA] [People Power] [Korean Social and Economic Studies]
    Job Openings in Economics: [USA] [UK] [Korea]
    Foundations: [National Science Foundation: USA] [Russell Sage Foundation: USA] [MacArther Foundation: USA]
    Research Institutes: [NBER: U.S.A] [Brookings Institution: USA] [CORE in Belgium]

Web Pages of Some Social Scientists: Alphabetical Order

[Acemoglu, Daron] [Aghion, Philip] [Akerlof, George] [Alesina, Alberto] [Andreoni, James] [Angrist, Joshua] [Aoki, Masahiko] [Arrow, Kenneth] [Athey, Susan] [Atkinson, Anthony] [Axtel, Robert]
[Banerjee, Abjit] [Bardhan, Pranab] [Barry, Brian] [Benabou, Roland] [Bergstrom, Ted]  [Besley, Timothy] [Block, Fred] [Bonanno, Giacomo] [Bonin, John] [Bowles, Samuel] [Brams, Steve] [Brenner, Robert]
[Caplin, Andrew] [Che, Yeon-Koo] [Cheibub, Jose] [Chwe, Michael] [Coate, Stephen] [Cohen, Gerald] [Cohen, Joshua]
[Dixit, Avinash] [Durlauf, Steven]
[Edlund, Lena] [Elster, Jon] [Epple, Denis]
[Folbre, Nancy] [Foley, Duncan] [Freeman, Richard] [Fudenberg, Drew]
[Galor, Oded] [Garrett, Geoffrey] [Gintis, Herbert] [Glyn, Andrew] [Grossman, Gene]
[Hart, Oliver] [Holmstrom, Bengt]
[Kornai, Yanos] [Kremer, Michael] [Krugman, Paul]
[Lange, Peter] [Lindbeck, Assar] [Lindert, Peter] [Loury, Glen]
[Marglin, Stephen] [Milgrom, Paul] [Moene, Karl] [Moglen, Eben] [Mookherjee, Dilip] [Myerson, Roger] [Myles, Garret]
[Ok, Efe] [Ortuno-Ortin, Ignacio] [Osborne, Martin]
[Palfrey, Thomas] [Parijs, Philip van] [Persson, Torsten] [Pesendorfer, Wolfgang] [Piketty, Thomas] [Przeworski, Adam] [Putterman, Louis]
[Qian, Yingyi] [Quah, Danny] [Quinzii, Matine]
[Ray, Debraj] [Robinson, James] [Rodrik, Dani] [Rodriguez, Francisco] [Roemer, John] [Roland, Gerard] [Roth, Al] [Rowthorn, Robert] [Rubinstein, Ariel]
[Sachs, Jeffrey] [Saez, Emanuel] [Schor, Juliet] [Schotter, Andrew] [Schultz, Christian] [Sen, Amartya] [Shin, Hyun-Song] [Silvestre, Joaquim] [Skocpol, Theda] [Snyder, James] [Stiglitz, Joseph] [Swank, Duane] [Thurow, Lester] [Tsebelis, George]
[Wallerstein, Michael] [Weisskopf, Thomas] [Weitzman, Martin] [Wildasin, David] [Wolff, Edward] [Wright, Erik]
[Yellen, Janet] [Young, Peyton] [Zilibotti, Fabrizio]

Economists with Web Sites:Web site search engine
Growth Researchers compiled by Jonathan Temple

Working Papers

    Journals listed in EconLit
    JEL Classification System
    Washington University Working Paper Archive
    Selected Departmental Sites

Data Sets

    Economic Report of the President (U.S.A)
    Statistical Abstracts of the United States
    US Census of Governments
    Budget of the United States
    Election Studies: National Election Studies (U.S.A) British Election Studies (U.K)     
                                General Social Survey (USA) Euro-Barometer EC Studies
    Luxembourg Income Study (LIS)
    University of Texas Inequality Project
    Panel Study on Income Dyanamics (PSID) of the University of Michigan
    National Longitudinal Surveys (NLS)
    Current Population Survey (CPS)
    Major Data Producers of U.K
    Living Standard Measurement Study (LSMS) of World Bank
    Trends in Developing Economies, 1995
    Social Indicators of Development, 1995


    Britannica Encyclopaedia: [Membership Only] [Free to Everybody]
    Information Please
    English: [Roget's Thesaurus] [Grammar Guide] [On-Line Grammar Links]
                  [On-Line Writing Resources] [NIU Writing Center]
    CIA World Factbook
    Mathematical Quotations
    Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
    McMaster Archive for History of Economic Thoughts
    Nobel Prize Winners in Economics


    Tex Users Group
    POVCAL: A Program for Calculating Poverty Measures from Grouped Data, developed by the World Bank


USA UK, Europe, and Asia Korea
Boston Review:
Dollars and Sense
Monthly Review
The New Yorker
The New York Review of Books
The Economist
Le Monde diplomatique
The Sa-Sang-Gye
The Shin-Dong-A
The Han-Kyo-Re 21
Economy 21
Joong-Ang Economist


USA UK, Europe, and Asia Korea
The NY Times
The Washington Post
LA Times
Chicago Tribune
The Wall Street Journal
Financial Times America
Investors' Business Daily
The Times
The Guardian
The Independent
Financial Times
The Far Eastern Economic Review
오마이 뉴스
The Korea Herald


USA U.K. Korea

Sites Useful for Daily Life

Health and Medical Advice: [Ask Dr. Weil] [NetDoctor]
Legal Advice: LawNet
Street Maps: MapBlast (USA) MapQuest (USA)