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 Personal Information

Research Fields

Game Theory, Microeconomics, Industrial Organization



Ph.D. Degree in Economics,  University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, 1997.

M.A. Degree in Economics,  Seoul National University, 1990.

B.A. Degree in Economics,  Seoul National University, 1988.


        Work Experience

Professor, Korea University, 2009. 3. – present.

Associate Professor, Korea University, 2005. 3. – 2009. 2.

Assistant Professor, Korea University, 2002. 3. – 2005. 2.

Assistant Professor, Sogang University, 2000. 3. – 2002. 2.

Research Fellow, Korea Information Society Development Institute (KISDI), 1997. 7. - 2000. 1.

Instructor, University of Minnesota, 1994. 9. - 1997. 6.

Teaching Assistant, University of Minnesota, 1993. 9. - 1994. 6.

Banker, Korea Long Term Credit Bank, 1991. 8. - 1992. 1.


 Teaching (spring semester, 2018)

Microeconomic Theory (undergraduate)

Game Theory (graduate)



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 Working Papers


"Optimal quality scores in sponsored search auctions," manuscript. (A longer version of the published paper)


"Resale of information and stability of networks," manuscript. 


Selected Publications

Publications in SSCI-indexed journals


"On budget balance of the dynamic pivot mechanism," Games and Economic Behavior 94, November 2015, pp. 206-213.


"Competitive mixed bundling of vertically differentiated products," The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy: Contributions 12(1), November 2012, Article 50. (with Illtae Ahn)


"Optimal mechanism design when both allocative inefficiency and expenditure inefficiency matter," Journal of Mathematical Economics 47(6), December 2011, pp. 670-676.


"Optimal quality scores in sponsored search auctions: Full extraction of advertisers’ surplus," The B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics: Topics 10(1), July 2010, Article 28.


"On the impact of digital music distribution," CESifo Economic Studies 55(2), June 2009, pp. 306-325. (with Illtae Ahn)


"An economic model of fair use: Comment," Information Economics and Policy 20(1), March 2008, pp. 67-74.


"The participatory Vickrey-Clarke-Groves mechanism," Journal of Mathematical Economics 44(3), February 2008, pp. 324-336.


"Interconnection economics of all-IP networks," Review of Network Economics 5(3), September 2006, pp. 351-365.


"Bid preference in license auctions: Affirmative action can achieve economic efficiency," International Journal of Industrial Organization 24(3), May 2006, pp. 593-604.


"The effective minimax value of asynchronously repeated games," International Journal of Game Theory 32(4), August 2004, pp. 431-442.


"The optimal level of copyright protection," Information Economics and Policy 14(3), September 2002, pp. 327-348.


"The modified Vickrey double auction," Journal of Economic Theory 101(2), December 2001, pp. 572-584.


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"On renegotiation-proof collusion under imperfect public information," Journal of Economic Theory 85(2), April 1999, pp. 328-336.



Other selected publications in English


"On asymmetry in all-pay auctions," Journal of Economic Theory and Econometrics 28(1), March 2017, pp. 67-83.


"On the optimal allocation of prizes in contests," Journal of Economic Theory and Econometrics 25(1), March 2014, pp. 1-12.


"An efficient double auction," Journal of the Korean Econometric Society 17(2), June 2006, pp. 1-20.


"Is imitation conducive to cooperation in local interaction models?" Korean Economic Review 21(2), Winter 2005, pp. 203-212.


"A folk theorem under anonymity," Journal of Economic Theory and Econometrics 5(2), Winter 1999, pp. 51-69.



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